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the re birth of the tms live journal

hey guys and gals adam from the morrow song here
i know we have had this live journal for a while and no one has eally used it so i cleaned it out and we are starting over with it
this is another for you our fans to connect with us once you join the community which is very simple just click the join community icon on our info page and there ya go
once you do that you too can post in here about our music comments about or shows or just what ever we just ask that you keep it clean do not trash talk or degrade any person or band its all family lets play nice we the band will post here to so we can keep you up to speed on whats goin on
here is the placed online whee you can connect with us besides heer
or email us at
or IM us at XinthemorrowX

talk to you kids soon
we love you guys
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